In Greater Manchester the standard is for John’s Campaign: enabling carers to stay with and support patients in hospital.

If you are a hospital inpatient you have the right for your carer to stay with you throughout your stay. The presence of your carer may be reassuring, they may help with some of the care, or simply keep you company.
Your carer should not be asked to leave once visiting hours are over, or even during protected mealtimes.
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National offerings

Dementia Friendly Hospital Charter

The Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter was launched in 2015 as the second phase of the Right Care initiative.The charter outlines the high level principles that a dementia-friendly hospital should provide, together with notes for self-assessment and recommended actions they could take to fulfil them. There has been a revised version as a result of COVID-19.

John's Campaign

For the right of people with dementia to be supported by their family carers; in hospital and during COVID-19 in care homes too. The website has links and resources.


What is John's Campaign?: The campaign calls for a policy welcoming family carers onto the wards outside of the normal visiting times, according to the needs of the person with a dementia and not restricted by stated visiting hours. We believe that carers should not just be ‘allowed’ but should be welcomed. They are the experts in the person for whom they care and best outcomes are likely when they work in partnership with the medical or social professionals. Often they have legal duties such as power of attorney or court of protections deputy. They can observe and advocate: communicate, remember, explain and reassure.

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