Dementia United is Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership’s flagship programme for dementia. It is our aim to work alongside clinicians, charities, localities, professionals, those living with dementia, families, friends and care partners to make our region the best place to live if you have or are caring for someone with dementia.
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In April 2016, our dementia diagnosis rate was already higher than the national average. The devolution of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care (GMHSC) has given us a unique opportunity to build on that fantastic framework.

Our primary objective is to make Greater Manchester the best place to live if you're living with dementia or caring for someone who does. To achieve this, we are working towards three goals.

  1. Providing access to dementia care services for all.
  2. Increase independence for those living with dementia.
  3. Ensuring equally high standard of care, no matter where you live.

Devolution has enabled us to approach dementia in a more joined-up fashion and Greater Manchester collaboration builds on integrated approaches in each locality.

We are working together to understand how we can best support and extend our locality engagement to drive forward our shared values and ambitions across Greater Manchester.

We bring together all sorts of people. From people living with dementia and their care partners, to clinicians, locality health and social care leads, Alzheimer's Society, Academic and research partners, housing colleagues and many more across Greater Manchester and beyond.


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Dementia United hosts an ambitious portfolio of work. Our projects cover all stages of the dementia journey, from prevention and diagnosis to living and dying well.

One of the strengths of this programme continues to be the building of networks and bringing all partners/stakeholders together to work in collaboration. We strive to ensure that all our work is co-owned, designed and shared with our partners and that each project offers opportunities for your involvement and support.

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