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2022 data shows that the number of people with a recorded diagnosis of dementia aged 65 and over in Salford is around 1,626. This represents just over 4% of the Salford GP practice population aged 65 and over.

In Salford, we believe in living well with dementia - getting a diagnosis early means that you can start to make plans and get on with the rest of your life. Salford City Council works with the local NHS, Salford CVS, Age UK Salford, doctors and hospitals, Salford Carers Centre and other organisations, so that support is there for you.

Many people who are affected by dementia (both the person who has the diagnosis and their loved ones or carers) find support from other people who are also affected. There are groups available that our commissioned providers can signpost you to.

The Care Act 2014 is one of the first pieces of UK legislation to include coproduction in its statutory guidance. This guidance explains that;

“Coproduction is when an individual influences the support and services received, or when groups of people get together to influence the way that services are designed, commissioned and delivered”

Salford is committed to shaping co-designing services by actively promoting participation in providing interventions that are coproduced with individuals, families, friends, Carers and the community.

Some of the Salford’s priorities are:

  • Further work to increase our dementia diagnosis rates including those individuals from BME communities across Salford
  • Co-production with individuals to ensure the services and support for people with dementia are fit for purpose
  • Support for unpaid carers, including working carers supporting individuals with dementia
  • A joined-up approach to ensure the Salford system continues to work together to make sure that individuals with dementia are getting the right support at the right time

If you are concerned that you or someone you know may have dementia, please speak to your GP initially to request a formal diagnosis.

Below are some contact details and information about relevant services in Salford that you may also find useful.

Dementia Support Service: https://www.ageuk.org.uk/salford/our-services/dementia-support-service/

Memory Assessment Service: 0161 772 3881

Carers Support: https://www.gaddum.org.uk/carers/salford-services/

Local links and contacts last updated: June 2022


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